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Douglas DC-7B

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45086


Ex Eastern Airlines N 817D.

Flygplanet kom till Malmö och Transair 11 juni 1965 och gjorde sista flygningen 21 juli 1968. Användes sedan till en brandövning på Bulltofta där hela flygplanet brändes upp.

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45087


Ex Eastern Airlines N 818D.

Levererades till Transair 16 april 1965 och gjorde sista flygningen 22 augusti 1969. Hade  total flygtid på 28105 tim.

Här ses flygplanet på London Gatwick.

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45088


Ex Eastern Airlines N 819D. The aircraft was leased to Turk Hava Yollari in full c/s 03.1967 and was during this lease damaged beyond repair while landing in Munich 20.01.1968. After this the a/c was used by fire service until 1976.

SE-ERC – DC 7B from Transair was leased to Turk Hava Yollari from March 20, 1967. However the plane was damaged at an incident at Munich Airport Jan 20, 1968. In landing the nose gear collapsed and the plane dropped forward and stopped with the nosecone resting directly on the runway. Hereby also the inner engines props were bended.

The plane was taken away from the runway but was doomed “not reparable”. It was used for fire drills until 1976. During the leasingperiod SE-ERC was flying in full Turkish color scheme and titles, which you can see on the pictures below from the incident.


Här står flygplanet utanför Transairs hangar på Bulltofta med svensk registrering men turkiska titlar.




Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45089


Ex Eastern Airlines N 820D.

Kom till Transair 15/3 1965 och gjorde sin sista flyging 15/10 1969 och hade då en total flygtid av 27930 tim. Maskinen skrotades sedan I Malmö.


Här bogseras maskinen till en ny flygning på Torslanda I Göteborg.

Flygplanet står här på plattan utanför Transairs hangar på Bulltofta.


Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45331



Ex. Eastern Airlines N 822D.

Kom till Malmö och Transair 8/12 1965 och gjorde sista flygningen 28/6 1969. Hade då loggat 24784 timmar.

Skrotades därefter på Bulltofta.



Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45337 


Ex Eastern Airlines N 828D.

Levererades till Transair 11/8 1965 och gjorde sista flygningen 9/8 1968 efter totalt 23633 tim. Skrotades på Bulltofta



 Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45339


Ex Eastern Airlines N 830D.


Så här såg maskinen ut då den tillhörde Eastern Airlines.

Levererades till Transair 14/10 1965 och gjorde sista flygningen 31/12 1968 efter totalt 23624 tim och skrotades därefter I Malmö


 Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45451    


Ex Eastern Airlines N 845D. Wfu and stored Malmö 11.1968 and finally broken up 1969.















During scrapping at Malmö-Bulltofta the nose-section was saved by the scrapping personal and was moved to a scrapyard in Ystad. It was found there 20 years later (1989) and was moved to Malmö-Sturup Airport where it was placed outside the Transair Museum. Later moved to the place for fire-practice because it was impossible to restore the nose-section.

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45346


Ex Eastern Airlines N 837D. This aircraft made the LAST Transair passenger flight by a propliner after 25741 hour.

On October 31 1969 SE-ERL made the flight Malmö-Munich-Malmö-Stockholm/Arlanda and then back to Malmö. After landing that evening the aircraft was towed to the Transair Hangar and this was the end of operations with propliner for TSA. The aircraft was scrapped in Malmö later the same year.

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 44910


Ex South African Airways ZS-DKD. Wfu and stored in Malmö 01.1968 and scrapped in 1969.

Douglas DC-7B, c/n 45477


Ex South African Airways ZS-DKG. Wfu and stored in Malmö 12.1967 and was finally broken up in 07.1968 after a total of only 17 798 hours and exactly 10 years after it was first delivered to SAA. See pictures from the scrapping below.

This DC 7B has now ended its service with Transair and is being towed away for destruction…

…and here the rudder is already missing from the fin.

The once so mighty DC 7B is down on its tail.

Photo: Imre Varga