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Leased A/C


Douglas DC-3, c/n 4327


After service during Second World War the aircraft came to Flugfelag Islands as TF-ISD and later LN-SUK registered to Braathens. It was then bought by Riis Flyrederi in September 1962 as LN-RTA and Transair leased the aircraft during a short period march/april 1963. After this it was leased to Martin Air Charter, Loadair and finally Wideroes and it was then broken up at Fornebue, Oslo 1971. After this used for fire practice until 1976 when it was burnt out.

Transair leasade flygplanet under mars-april 1963.


Douglas DC-3, c/n 15663/27108


After service for RAF and later service in India and Pakistan the aircraft came to England and Field Aircraft Services as G-ANMB. After another period of about a year flying for Aigle Azur Indochine as F-BGSM the aircraft came to Deutches Lufthansa as D-CADE and later Bavaria Flug-dienst with the same registration. Transair leased the aircraft between March and December 1961. After returning to Bavaria the aircraft ended in South Arabian Air Force 1967 and later on South Yemen Air Force.

Flygplanet ägdes och flögs av Lufthansa från januari 1955 till December 1960.

Bavaria Flug-Gesellschaft övertog flygplanet I December 1960.


Douglas DC-3, c/n 13652


This aircraft is ex. Transair SE-BWF and was leased back between December 1961 and May 1962. It was then carrying the Norwegian registration LN-LMR but operated in full Transair c/s and titles.

Photographed in Malmö December 3, 1961 by Bo Göran Lundkvist.


Douglas DC-3, c/n 13637


Leased from Linjeflyg between February 1 – March 6, 1963.


Douglas DC-3, c/n 7353


Leased from Linjeflyg for one week in February 1963.


Douglas DC-6, c/n 43148


Leased from Sabena between December 18, 1960 – January 25, 1962 wearing full Transair color scheme and titles.

Photographed in Malmö February 20, 1961 by Bo Göran Lundkvist.

Flög för både Air Congo samt Congolese Airforce efter Transairs lease.


Blev sedan omregistrerad till 9T-TLA för Force Aerienne Congolaise.

Douglas DC-6, c/n 43149


Leased from Sabena December 30,1960 – April 10, 1962 wearing full Transair colour scheme and titles.

Douglas DC-6B, c/n 43275


Leased from Sterling Airways July 1, 1962 – December 31, 1962. During the lease it was flying in Sterling Airways colour scheme but with Transair titles. See photo.

Photographed in Malmö July 8, 1962 by Bo Göran Lundkvist.